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    $35,000 limited dental warranty (1 year)
    Up to $50,000 limited dental warranty with registration
    BPA, Latex, PVC, Phthalate free.
    FDA Compliant
    Made in the USA


    Easy, effortless fitting!

    SISU Mouthguards are known for their unmatched protection, comfort, cleanliness, and remoldability. Though it might not seem possible, we made an even better mouthguard! SISU 3D improves on previous SISU models, and adds a number of new features:
    • Pre-formed shape to enhance fitting difficulty and accuracy
    • Variable material thickness to put protection where it is needed, and comfort where it is desired



    Age 11+


    SISU NextGen is the latest evolution in mouthguard engineering by the makers of SISU Guard. Simply put, it is the most powerful mouthguard we’ve ever built. With its unmatched quality and functionality, SISU NextGen was designed with the athlete in mind, and its unique new features are hyper focused on additional protection and comfort.

    Trusted PROTECTION

    When you're sending your child out onto the field, court or ice rink for their first big game, you want to make sure they're as safe as can be. That's why our Junior guard is designed with the same tooth-protecting technology imbedded in every SISU. With 30% more protection than conventional youth mouthguards, you can rest assured your child's tooth safety is in excellent care.

    A Sanitary Solution

    We know that every kid’s favorite part of wearing a mouthguard is taking it out, rubbing their grubby paws through layers of sweat and mud, then reinserting their mouthguard now covered in batches of new germs. NOT ANYMORE WITH SISU JUNIOR! At 1.6 mm thin, our Junior mouthguard is so small and comfortable that kids don’t feel the constant need to take it out, making for a cleaner mouthguard and a healthier kid.

    SISU 3D is the best mouthguard for all sports:


    And More!

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