Investment In Technology


Since we started ATI, we’ve invested in developing and positioning the SISU mouthguard as the global standard of sports mouthguards. Professor Schwank and I decided to use our scientific and clinical skills from chemical engineering and medicine to develop a product that is technologically superior, much safer and comfortable. For that purpose, we needed a smart polymer that works for every athlete in every situation. It needed to be tough when in use, extremely pliable during fitting and highly protective. We wanted athletes to be able to re-fit for optimal comfort.

“We wanted the athletes to be able to communicate and hydrate while wearing the mouthguard. The secret sauce of SISU was born.”


We’re not surprised that athletes give long interviews, forgetting they still have the guard in place….or that we receive stories every week of people who have had their teeth saved by a SISU Mouthguard. If that’s not applied sciences, what is?

– Jan Akervall, M.D., Ph.D.